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What do Millennials want from work?

There are a lot of lazy stereotypes concerning Millennials, the segment of the workforce currently (roughly) aged between 18 and 35. The nastier of these generalisations paint them as flighty, entitled and even indolent

Terrorism: The social media aftermath

Following the London attack, we ask: Does social media bring people together or drive them further apart after global acts of terror?

10 top legal disruptors

From next-generation law firms to chatbots and tech-powered legal advice, here are ten startups transforming legal services

Post mortem: why KWM collapsed

What lessons can be learnt from the failure of a global law firm whose motto was “The power of together”?

Chatbots and smart tech in law

Strategic use of artificial intelligence by law firms is set to become a deciding factor for future success by improving client relationships and increasing profitability

The digital shake up of law

Law firms are finally embracing modernisation and preparing the next generation of lawyers for the digital age

The rise of the online courtroom

England and Wales look set to follow trailblazers in rolling out value-for-money online tribunals which sidestep the courts to resolve disputes via the internet

What if data privacy wasn’t an issue?

Smart cities run on data to provide and refine services, which enhance the quality of citizens’ lives, but personal privacy may be infringed

What being ‘smart’ means for cities

Businesses and the wider community must embrace constant change and lifelong learning to benefit fully from intelligent and responsive digital cities

10 ways tech can cure big-city headaches

From noisy airports and traffic jams to crime and anti-social behaviour, city life is full of annoyances. But what if technology could solve these problems? Here are ten ways it can help

Shamanic revival in the UK

A shamanic revival is under way in the UK, as practitioners and mainstream psychiatrists embrace cleansing rituals and spirit animals