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The future of fashion

Technologists and designers are combining to produce innovative new fabrics and manufacturing processes which will reshape the fashion industry

Digital twinning explained

Digital twinning has emerged as a major new approach to design and maintenance in the fourth industrial revolution, transforming the full life cycle of a product

Digitalisation enabled by product lifecycle management

Countless new sources of information are transforming, speeding up and complicating innovation, product development and even the product itself as digitalisation spreads deeper and wider in enterprises around the world

How close are we to doomsday?

This year saw the symbolic Doomsday Clock hand move to 2-and-a-half minutes to midnight – the hypothetical armageddon. Ollie Pickup investigates why the world is creeping closer and closer to ‘doomsday’

Do you have social jet lag?

Shaking up your sleep pattern at the weekend could have consequences on your long-term health, a new study finds

Fighting poverty with plastic

Organising the retrieval of otherwise overwhelming plastic waste is creating wealth for the poorest communities

Nine Elms: how to deliver a mega-project

Collaboration is essential to deliver a mega-project, such as London’s Nine Elms development, involving numerous agencies with varied requirements

Humans of the near future

A new breed of human is on its way. Transhumanists are a group who seek to accelerate the evolution of humanity through science and technology. Oliver Pickup investigates the movement, the implications for humankind and asks, is it morally wrong to augment humans?