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Copyright in the movies

The movies shine a spotlight on the issue of copyright, protecting authors and studios alike

Tech giants battle for trade secrets

Stealing trade secrets can be ruinous for a company aiming to get rich by marketing intellectual property belonging to a potential competitor

Patents are lifeblood of pharmas

Safeguarding intellectual property is essential for pharmaceutical companies that need a monopoly period to recoup often substantial investment

8 times the underdog won a IP battle

Lady Justice wears a blindfold, holding her scales to weigh the law impartially, without reference to wealth, power or status. But can a minnow really win an intellectual property case against a better-funded adversary?

Canada gets tough on pharmas

The Canadian government is probably one the last suspects when it comes to charges of stifling innovation, but the pharmaceutical world is still struggling to deal with its hard-line approach to patent law

The UK government should treat IP as a priority post-Brexit

The UK looks set to leave the European Union and the single market by the summer of 2019. There are a number of factors for UK companies to consider ahead of the country’s departure to ensure their businesses can survive, and indeed thrive, post-Brexit. Moreover, this may prove critical for the UK to retain its place as one of the world’s most innovative economies

CIOs at the heart of digital shift

Chief information officers have a pivotal role to play in a digital data-driven era when their performance can make or break an organisation

Magnificent seven are UK’s IT hotshots

Meet the industry trailblazers transforming their sectors. From the British Army’s first chief information officer to cracking the role of newspapers in the digital age, here are seven pioneers redefining the job

Developing digital talent

Securing succession in IT leadership with professionals who can take digital technology forward hinges on providing the right training and career path