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Navigating the journey to data value

The idea that data holds the key to great value is widely accepted by businesses today, but the journey to achieving it requires careful steps that many aren’t yet prepared for

The human element of a successful CRM

Trendy new technologies no doubt have the power to transform customer experience, but when done badly they can also isolate buyers who miss the human touch and may worry about the use of their data. How can brands create a successful CRM in the digital age?

Putting CXM at the heart of your business

Customer experience is the beating heart of any company. Chris Mean, chief operating officer at Columbus UK, describes how Customer Experience Management can intelligently inform business decisions.

5 datacentres slashing their environmental impact

As big data gets ever bigger, so do datacentres, gobbling up more energy and spewing out harmful greenhouse gases. Here are five innovative projects slashing their environmental impact

Rise of the digital nomad

As remote working goes from strength to strength, new nomadic ways of working are taking flexible work to the limit

The changing company office

Michael Affronti, VP of product at Fuze, explains how businesses can harness the transformation of the workplace to boost engagement and productivity

Five myths about workplace culture

As the workplace continues to evolve, long held misconceptions about office culture are finally being called into question

The dark side of inflexibility

In a culture of remote working and all-pervasive technology, inflexibility is the enemy of collaboration