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The dangers of focussing solely on COVID

Coronavirus is an all-consuming topic, both in terms of published research and funding. But opinion is split over whether it will reinvigorate healthcare spending or simply divert funds away from other needy causes

Are challenge trials an ethical way to find a vaccine?

The pressure is on to find a coronavirus vaccine and time is of the essence. A controversial option, to intentionally infect volunteers, could speed trials up, but it poses significant risks to those taking part

Embracing apps that can catch skin cancer early

Incidence of skin cancer is rising fast as dermatologists struggle to keep up. New technology offers a helping hand, but whether telemedicine is the way forward is up for debate

Should you bother with real-time data?

Real-time insights are essential to adapt to a changing consumer landscape, but companies that ignore trust and transparency as part of the process are risking it all

How COVID-19 made edtech a must

Digital learning has a long history, but take-up in schools and colleges has been erratic; the coronavirus may have changed all that

How to teach hands-on courses during a pandemic

Are students of more practical and hands-on courses in higher education missing out as a result of college and university closures, and what effect will this have on future skillsets?

Seven elearning scams to watch out for

While online learning is booming, charlatans and scammers are looking to take advantage. Cowboy coaches are flooding the market making official accreditation or authenticity essential for individual students and businesses. Here are seven online scams to beware

Are universities still fit for purpose?

The pandemic forced university campuses to close and teaching to move online. But it also shone a spotlight on what many feel is an unsustainable business model...

How to prevent a “digital underclass”?

What is the government and private sector doing to adapt for a future when millions of workers are displaced by digital transformation and automation?

Digital leadership under lockdown

Ahead of Digital Leaders Week next month, organisers highlight the challenges of leading and motivating staff during the coronavirus pandemic and pull focus on new ways to create meaningful virtual communities

How to shop post-pandemic

COVID-19 has prompted some extreme changes in consumer demands and spending patterns, so how are brands reconnecting with customers for a post-pandemic future?