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The road to digital tax planning

Submitting tax returns online might be the norm for many companies, but thousands of small businesses have yet to get up to speed

Digitalising for business growth

Digitalising your accounts system is far more than a technological upgrade, it’s quickly proving the best way to grow your business

Accounting stress melts away on the cloud

Paul Bulpitt, head of accounting at Xero, explains the advantages of upgrading to a cloud-based digital accounting package in preparation from HMRC’s digital tax regime

Mind the gap!

The divide between large companies and SMEs may widen as HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiative comes into force, but what can be done to get tax right?

Why is CFO turnover rate so high?

The higher profile required of modern chief financial officers may mean they are vulnerable in a volatile business climate

How 5G and IoT are revolutionising logistics

While mobile phone users and service providers debate the relative cost and uses of 5G, the sector most likely to benefit from the high-performance network is the logistics industry

The CFO’s role in crafting digital strategy

Digital strategy, IT strategy, data strategy, chief digital officers, chief information officers, chief technology officers or chief data officers. Confused? I know I am

Why the patents system needs a revamp

Lack of a universal patent system to protect intellectual property leaves innovating companies open to potentially ruinous infringements