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Regulators are your allies, not your enemies

What should businesses do if a regulator comes knocking? What are the best practices when it comes to how to act during an investigation? And how can organisations maximise their chances of getting the best outcome with as little disruption as possible?

Caring for employee mental health: a coronavirus guide

It has sent shockwaves through industry and economy alike, but its real impact has been on people. So how should business leaders be looking after employees during the coronavirus outbreak? And how can they prioritise their mental health and wellbeing?

Why pointless work is killing productivity

With less than a third of the average employee’s time spent on their actual role, companies need to reassess inefficient processes to unlock their workforce’s true capabilities

When less bad isn’t good enough

Sustainability should be on every company's agendas. And while moving to a carbon-neutral model is applaudable, some businesses are going one step further

Can chatbots join the customer experience dots?

Thanks to new omnichannel approaches to customer experience, consumers can be supported in more ways than ever before, but brands must be careful not to simply opt for the cheapest channels

There is no workplace like home

As the coronavirus spreads across the globe, forcing more people to work from home, has the outbreak kickstarted the world’s largest workplace experiment?