The Raconteur 50

Introducing The Raconteur 50

The role of the modern-day CEO is evolving. It is no longer enough to focus solely on profit, revenue or share price. Leaders must balance financial performance with employee wellbeing and ESG concerns, finding ways to innovate and grow at a time of deep uncertainty and turmoil. 

We believe each person in the Raconteur 50 is an exemplar of how to do just that. 

Some brought new vigour to the top job as a first-time CEO or steered their company through Covid, conflict and chaos. Others found exciting opportunities in new markets, products or ways of working. Many dared to lead a business in a new, more sustainable way or championed the causes they believe in. All of them have made a difference to the face of business today. 

We hope that by shining a spotlight on the best business leaders, we can offer insights into what it takes to lead from the top and inspire the CEOs of the future.

Francesca Cassidy
Francesca Cassidy 
Managing Editor 
How we chose the Raconteur 50
Selecting the CEOs who made up the Raconteur 50 was no easy task. We reached out to our networks, scoured the news and spoke to industry experts to find business leaders who were doing things differently and getting results for their companies. Regardless of company size or sector, we were looking for organisations which were performing well financially but also doing so much more.  We judged each category against specific criteria:
  • For New Frontiers, we were looking for leaders who steered their companies to expand into new countries, launch new product lines or serve new customer bases. 
  • For Industry Champions, we were looking for leaders who championed and worked to raise the profile of their own industry or causes they care in, from diversity and inclusion to sustainability to mental health. 
  • For New Faces, we were looking for leaders who were in their first ever CEO role and thriving. 
  • For the Wavemakers, we were looking for leaders who were focused on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. From those who are transforming their operations to be greener to those dedicated to making the world a better, fairer place for people to live. 
  • For the Revolutionisers, we were looking for leaders who had managed to steer their organisations successfully through choppy waters - whether that was Covid or global conflict, Brexit or a complicated acquisition. 
Recognising those who lead 

The Raconteur 50 will celebrate exceptional leaders across five categories. Our aim is not to recognise the most well-known or the richest or even the best-performing by the usual financial metrics. Instead, we will shine a light on the CEOs doing things differently and going against the status quo, while still delivering business growth.

New Frontiers 

Times are challenging but growth is still paramount. These 10 CEOs are exploring new regions, products or services despite tough economic times.

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Industry Champions 

A CEO’s influence stretches beyond their own company. These 10 CEOs are advocating for their sectors and speaking out about what matters.

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New Faces 

Taking the step up to CEO asks a lot of an individual, but these 10 leaders have taken on the biggest role of their career to date and are thriving.

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In today’s world, value goes beyond the bottom line. These 10 CEOs are going above and beyond in terms of environmental, cultural and societal impact.

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From Covid to global conflict to economic turmoil, these 10 CEOs have delivered while embracing conditions outside of the norm. 

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Meet the Raconteur 50 

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