Five ways fintech is improving access to financial services

Fruit and vegetable stall at the Kawangware market on the outskirts of Nairobi

Firms around the world are providing fintech solutions to many local problems, including financial inclusion, microfinance and online payments

Interview: Jack Dorsey on Square Inc and accessible finance

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey tells of his other multi-billion-dollar business venture

5 reasons why agility fails in financial services

Achieving agility is difficult and there are lessons to be learnt. Here are five top reasons why agile projects in financial services risk failing

Challenging male-dominated culture at work

people walking on busy street

Men continue to dominate the top jobs, particularly in financial services, but women are striving for greater gender diversity

How EU regulations will affect UK financial firms

Despite Brexit new European Union regulations governing data protection are set to impact the UK’s financial services sector

Getting personal with customers is the future of financial services

Customers taking out cash from cash machines

Online banks, awash with data from their customers’ smartphones, are leading the way in personalising financial services

London looks set to take the hit from hard Brexit

Lloyd Blankfein, chief executive of Goldman Sachs, warned that the City of London “will stall” as a result of Brexit

Hard Brexit would cost the financial services sector and UK economy dear as firms lay plans to relocate thousands of jobs elsewhere in Europe