Is shock dental care advertising a good thing?

Dental advertising

Are shock tactics in advertising dental care products having a positive effect or do they scare more people off from visiting a dentist?

Brands name-calling and making cheeky claims

Virgin blimp displays the sign “BA can’t get it up!!” after the then British Airwayssponsored London Eye had a technical problem erecting the wheel

Taking on a rival business with aggressive comparative advertising is not for the faint hearted but certainly grabs attention

Programmatic advertising brings opportunity to brands

Automated trading of online ads promises to transform the way brands communicate with their audiences

How can brands cut through the noise to make their ads count?

Consumers have become accustomed to the amount of advertising in their everyday lives, but most wouldn’t realise they are subject to more than 362 adverts and brand exposures every single day

Programmatic: Does the future CMO need a future media agency?

Large advertising agencies with their legacy systems and processes are scrambling to deliver effective programmatic advertising for their clients, but do those clients need an agency that was built specifically for this rapidly evolving buying system? asks Andy Cocker, chief operating officer of Infectious Media

Location, location, location…

How a 1990s gaming phenomenon is pushing location intelligence to the top of a marketer’s agenda

Multiple devices, multiple opportunities

Marketers know that reaching consumers across the increasing number of devices they use is key to engaging with them and driving transactions, but it’s also been difficult to do. Now one company appears to have cracked the problem

The $1billion digital retail media opportunity

Digital is opening up significant revenue potential in the form of advertising and branded content – an opportunity estimated to be worth $1 billion in the UK alone, says Jill Orr, executive vice president of international at Triad Retail Media