Fighting for rights for AI inventors

AI inventors

A team at the University of Surrey has filed the first patents to list an artificial intelligence “creation machine” as the inventor

Why AI won’t replace human inventors

AI & Innovation

Artificial intelligence can power creative thinking through processing and analysing of large amounts of data, but experts believe it will only inspire human innovation, not replace it

Could automated trading mean the end of volatility?

Volatility and Automation

Automated trading is leading to a more efficient stock market. But how is greater market efficiency impacting volatility, and how is this affecting the way the stock market functions?

Is AI really key to preventing ecommerce fraud?

Ecommerce fraud

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help retailers rapidly identify and prevent ecommerce fraud, but human oversight is still essential

Rights for robots: why we need better AI regulation

Legal regulation

As artificial intelligence and machine-learning increasingly take more decisions from humans, the technologies’ status in law needs to evolve

Arguments for and against the robot jury

Debate for and against juries is raging, with some arguing the jury system is in need of an overhaul. But whether artificial intelligence will improve the system by acting as a more neutral decision-maker remains to be seen

AI, ethics and classrooms of the future

Experts chime in on the increasing role of artificial intelligence in education, which is set to transform learning as we know it

What Game of Thrones can teach us about AI

Frank Casale headshot

‘We alone own the direction of AI, as we are its creators; we must come together to guide its positive evolution’