Could robots be our best buddies?

David Hanson with his Sophia robot

Should robots resemble humans or be easily distinguished from their masters?

AI promises a food revolution, from farm to supermarket

From growing herbs to predicting fresh food demand, artificial intelligence could yield big gains

A new kind of currency: the emotion economy

Woman over microchip circuits

The race is on for companies to discover the best way to utilise technological advances in emotive interaction

The future of government is digital

UK border passport control

Innovative technology is gaining momentum and is poised to transform the public sector, slashing costs and upgrading services

Governing AI: Can regulators control artificial intelligence?

Arrested robot with handcuffs

In conversation with Dr Greg Benson, professor of computer science at the University of San Francisco, about the many challenges facing regulators in a world that could soon be dominated by robots.

Goodbye CFO? Bots and blockchain are taking over soon


Three chief financial officers from major global companies tell how artificial intelligence is changing their departments and roles

The role of artificial intelligence in sales

AI in sales

Smart machines are already part of selling as algorithms aid salespeople to close a deal or follow up on a prospect

How far can machines take over project management?

AI project management

Smart robots are poised to take over routine project management, but the machines cannot yet fully replace project managers