Looking forward to retail in 2020

Mark Matthews

‘Change creates challenges and retailers are meeting them head on’

The evolving medicines model

‘The very factors that drive the success of the generic market in the UK may be under threat’

Why innovation cannot be put on hold

Malcolm Harrison

‘Be swift of foot, constantly question and challenge the way things have always been done’

Why the CEO needs to care about everything

John Blakey

‘The new licence of leadership requires CEOs to rely upon the power of trust rather than trusting in power’

Why CEOs shouldn’t get too comfortable at the top

Institute of Directors

‘No one is the finished article; reaching the top doesn’t mean you have a divine right to be there’

Can you ever be fully private and fully protected?

Sanjib Kalita

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Why HR needs to embrace the work revolution

Marc Coleman

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Why the UK desperately needs more radiologists

‘Cancer detection will not improve without investment in the vital ingredient: imaging staff’