Why sustainability is key to business success

Anita Longely

‘Companies now understand they must engage with those whose lives they impact’

Is inclusion transforming the advertising sector?

Advertising inclusion

Ali Hanan, the chief executive and founder of Creative Equals, an organisation working to improve equality in the creative industries, challenges the status quo in advertising and highlights her top five campaigns that have championed inclusion over recent years

4 steps to talent success

Unleash opinion

‘HR needs to see themselves as cross-functional designers, makers and doers’

How advertising is shaping the future of TV

Advertising Week

‘The future is unpredictable, but one thing is certain… the best is yet to come’

Diversity and disruption in insurance

Insurance oped

Ahead of Insurtech Insights Europe next month, Bradley Collins and Ellenie Chan call for a fresh approach to hiring and people management to supercharge disruptive growth in the insurance industry

How 5G will enable a digital society

5G 2020 Oped 2

‘The advantages of such a digital world will not just be commercial, but also societal’

Why the UK is perfectly primed for 5G

5G 2020 oped 1

‘The country has never before been so ready for what many are describing as a technology revolution’

Looking forward to retail in 2020

Mark Matthews

‘Change creates challenges and retailers are meeting them head on’