Why CEOs shouldn’t get too comfortable at the top

Institute of Directors

‘No one is the finished article; reaching the top doesn’t mean you have a divine right to be there’

Can you ever be fully private and fully protected?

Sanjib Kalita

‘As we each build our strategies, it can lead us to ask whether creating full protection for digital privacy is even an option?’

Why HR needs to embrace the work revolution

Marc Coleman

‘Over the next decade, people experience and work revolution will become a way of life’

Why the UK desperately needs more radiologists

‘Cancer detection will not improve without investment in the vital ingredient: imaging staff’

Why climate change is a legal responsibility

‘The legal department is an indispensable contributor to corporate sustainability efforts’

The future of finance is fintech

‘Fintech, with its modernised approach to finance, was the necessary tool to restore public faith in financial organisations’

Why business should embrace strategic sourcing

‘The strategic sourcing professional understands the needs of the business, and appreciates new and emerging technologies’

Collaboration crucial for the future of the UK public sector

‘By working together we can solve the pressing challenges facing our public servants as they work in communities throughout the UK’