AI will transform UK business - but it’s not there yet

In 2018, artificial intelligence has become central to the corporate agenda

‘When no one knows how everything works, everyone needs someone who understands something’

Consider this. A new production company called Little Dot Studios was founded in 2013. Its purpose was to use its expertise in online video consumption to create successful new video channels. Within four years it was achieving 2.5 billion (yes, billion) views a month

‘Viewers have more control than ever before in the way they consume and create content’

We don’t have to cast our minds back very far to recall a time when, if you didn’t like what you were watching on television, you had two choices: turn it over or turn it off

‘The UK is viewed as a centre of excellence for outsourcing and an international leader in business services’

Kerry Hallard, chief executive of the Global Sourcing Association – GSA UK

It’s no hyperbole, I believe, to say that outsourcing currently stands on a burning platform, and that we possess a golden, possibly unique opportunity to reshape and repurpose our industry

‘Fintech’s success depends upon talent which is in short supply’

CHARLOTTE CROSSWELL, chief executive of Innovate Finance

In an increasingly competitive global landscape, the UK’s attractiveness for innovators, entrepreneurs and firms alike will be key to the future prosperity of our financial services

‘We will have to show that the metals needed are mined with principles’

TOM BUTLER, chief executive of the International Council on Mining and Metals

The UK and France plan to phase out new petrol and diesel cars within 25 years. That’s 60 million cars in Britain and France, and many more if other countries follow suit. The change may happen sooner as already one third of all new cars sold in Norway are electric powered

‘Insurers understand they need to build stronger relationships with their customers’

SIAN FISHER, chief executive of the Chartered Insurance Institute

We often hear two different stories about insurance, both of which are supported by detailed evidence

‘Is the principle of data privacy enough for insurance?’

In 2017 I wrote in this column how data was becoming the new gold. This year, the pressing issue for insurance is who owns this data gold, what rights they have and what this means for the future. Facebook’s problems in this area have rightly already accelerated these issues into the public domain