London’s role in Britain’s maritime future

Sean Moloney headshot

‘The UK needs trade deals in place, and lots of them, if it is going to recover economically from the negative effects of Brexit’

Turning the UK into a coastal powerhouse

Ben Murray

‘Now is the time to step up and turbocharge our coastal communities’

What Game of Thrones can teach us about AI

Frank Casale headshot

‘We alone own the direction of AI, as we are its creators; we must come together to guide its positive evolution’

How to train gen Z employees

next generation training

Understanding the needs and expectations of generation Z, the latest cohort to enter the workforce, is fundamental to get workplace learning right

Why companies must embrace L&D innovations

Marc Coleman headshot

‘L&D programmes should be in alignment with the employee’s long-term personal goals’

People with skin disease deserve better

From long waiting times to a lack of trained professionals, it is high time that policymakers stood up to do more to help patients with skin conditions

Looking forward to the future of water

‘Climate change and population growth are providing us with huge resource issues that need tackling urgently’

How digital transformation is a state of mind

‘Digitalisation is not a project to be planned and managed; it is a way of behaving and thinking’