Cloud computing’s next phase in business transformation

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Cloud computing has disrupted businesses like no other technology, but with cloud-enabled innovations, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, the true extent of its impact has yet to be felt

Cloud is a clear way to work together


Cloud computing not only offers significant cost benefits to businesses, but it also enables staff to collaborate on projects wherever they are working, as Tom Fox-Brewster reports

Cleaning the cloud

Rapid growth of cloud technology has been accompanied by vast energy demands and concerns about its associated environmental impact, as Flemmich Webb reports

How IoT is changing our lives

Internet of Things - Smart Homes

The internet of things is changing the way we live as machines, objects and animals are communicating through cyberspace, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Rise of the machines

Edwin Smith takes a glimpse of the future in conversation with technology pioneer and futurologist Peter Diamandis

Finding your way in the cloud

Outsourcing data storage to the cloud has clear advantages, but these must be seen against possible turbulence in the sensitive environment of big data, as Tom Brewster reports

Sunny outlook through the cloud

Cloud computing offers clear advantages for treasurers who cannot be sure of their future IT needs, as Helen Sanders reports

Transparency for a trusted cloud

Cloud computing is becoming a mature business model, and many companies and governments around the globe are implementing strategies to embrace cloud services, says Daniele Catteddu, managing director, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, at Cloud Security Alliance