Why genome sequencing is the future of healthcare

Healthcare companies are developing technology which utilises the power of artificial intelligence to analyse genomic data and provide personalised treatment for cancer patients

How data could save the high street

IIoT connected technology illustration

The best way to compete with online retailers is to act like them

A data-driven approach to asset management

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Asset management is being transformed by connected smart technology which, when embraced by the C-suite, can give a welcome boost to business

Data is worth its weight in gold for marketers

data worth its weight in gold for marketers

To really create a competitive advantage through information, business leaders must promote data-gathering as part of a comprehensive business strategy

Predictive analytics are valuable if interpreted with care

Forecasting sales with predictive analytics is a valuable business asset, but must be used with care and in-depth understanding

The impact of automating market research

Automating market research can get things done faster and cheaper, but care must be taken to safeguard quality when designing the necessary software

The need to base business decisions on data not intuition

Experience and intuition are valuable assets, but increasingly business leaders are waking up to the need to base decisions on data and analytics

How connected data is targeting consumers

Collecting and analysing vast amounts of often disparate data from a growing number of digital sources can help target consumers with what they want to buy, sometimes before they even know it