How medical drones can help save lives

Hospitals and clinics in congested urban areas and remote locations are trialling deliveries of urgent medical supplies by drones and mini-planes

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“A virulent respiratory virus spreading as fast as flu can reach all major global capitals within 60 days now. By June this year alone we saw concurrent outbreaks of six of the ten diseases in the WHO blueprint list of priority diseases”

Dr Richard Hatchett, chief executive of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness InnovationsView Article

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Going Global: The Ecommerce Era

The huge opportunities offered by developing countries and the digital world has made going global easier than ever before. With the number of connected spenders set to rise to three billion by 2025, from Brazil to Poland the number of ecommerce businesses springing up to meet these consumers is dramatically on the rise. To succeed, however, these organisations must embrace a truly global outlook, understanding the cultural differences in the ways we shop online across the world

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