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Brands struggle to make ‘woke’ marketing work

Reaching out to a new generation of consumers that grew up skipping ads on YouTube is an ongoing challenge for brands. But how do companies show they are alert to political and social injustice in an authentic way? More importantly, should they even try?

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“The amount of data available is exploding; data from mobile phones, smart tickets, CCTV cameras, engine-performance systems and from social media can be used by control systems in traffic lights, emergency services, and for making long-term decisions about routes and demand.”

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Digital Tax for Small Business Growth

This April sees the launch of the first phase of Making Tax Digital (MTD), a government initiative to get individuals and businesses to submit tax returns online. While media attention has largely painted MTD in a negative light, businesses of all sizes stand to benefit significantly from the increased efficiency brought by the digital accounting. While digitalising your accounting is a simple process that will ultimately bring huge rewards, an alarming number of small business owners still lack an in-depth knowledge of the initiative. The Digital Tax for Small Business Growth report covers how small businesses can prepare for April 2019, and explains how digital accounting, far more than being just a technological upgrade, can become a strategic lever to grow your business

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