Does workplace design really matter?

It can be gimmicky, minimal or more conventional, but does office design matter when measuring staff wellbeing and productivity?

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“This demand for change provides an opportunity. It is, however, a complex issue and, as businesses join the race to ‘green’ their packaging, it is important for consumers and industry to understand that one size does not fit all.” 

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No longer confined to Silicon Valley, digital disruption can now be achieved by any company in any sector - but it isn’t easy. Embracing digital transformation requires a bold strategy with a competent leader at the helm, a position which is being increasingly taken by Chief Transformation Officers. The Digital Disruption report covers the skills these new C-suite members need to help catalyse change and get staff and board members alike behind disruptive change. Also featured is an exploration on how old-school businesses are taking a leaf out of disruptors’ books and the importance of understanding your organisation’s competencies 

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