How will blockchain transform trade finance?

Blockchain and trade financing

Widespread commercialisation of blockchain could transform global trade finance and unlock trillions through cost-savings and more efficient processes

Why banks still won’t take advantage of fintech skills

Fintech digital divide

Fintechs have the technology and expertise to transform core banking systems for incumbent institutions, so why aren’t banks taking advantage?

Are the fintech bridges working?

Fintech bridge

Following the launch of the UK’s first international partnerships aimed at kickstarting fintech growth, industry leaders question whether they have lived up to expectations

Have we reached peak fintech?

Peak fintech

As the fintech market becomes saturated, and there is less and less differentiating brands in the same sector, the industry is entering a new era

The future of finance is fintech

‘Fintech, with its modernised approach to finance, was the necessary tool to restore public faith in financial organisations’

The next-gen apps simplifying savings

Apps are putting consumers more in control of their money, but are they turning savers into investors?

Turmoil, panic and bank runs in a digital future

The prospect of a run on a bank in the modern era was unthinkable, until September 2007. As we move towards a cashless society, could it happen again?

Taking the next step in sandbox evolution

The Financial Conduct Authority’s sandbox, which has successfully cultivated UK innovation in fintech, must evolve if it is to remain relevant in a fast-moving sector