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How to create an innovative culture

Bold leadership and a positive approach to taking risks could see corporates transform from the disrupted to the disruptors

Green innovations to change the world

Sustainable innovation is the holy grail of modern design, but how realistic is the ambition to combine aesthetics with practicality and green credentials?

Is the streaming bubble set to burst?

New players in the over-the-top streaming battle are entering the fray, but with very little differentiating them, the market is in need of further disruption

How 5G is reinventing the fan experience

From live-streaming video, mixed-reality experiences and real-time access to information, 5G is set to revolutionise the fan experience in and outside the venue

How to excel with video advertising

From emotive storytelling to interaction and humour, the factors driving consumers to video advertising are also pulling in the business-to-business sector

Martha Lane Fox on using tech for good co-founder and Twitter board member Baroness Lane Fox calls for change in the tech sector and says its number-one goal should be to create a better world

Exploring healthy masculinity

On 30 October of this year, a group of 23 men and women from a variety of industries and professions met at an Executive Dinner Round Table sponsored by Mercer and held at their offices in Tower Place in London. The topic of the evening was Engaging Men in Accelerating Diversity: What Do We Need to Do?

When poor marketing is holding you back

A great product means nothing if you’re not reaching the right people, but knowing where to start when marketing a small startup can be a daunting task

What makes a great tech startup hub?

From low rents and close access to universities, to good transport links and government support, there are a number of key reasons why certain cities are the best incubators for tech talent

What is proptech?

It sounds like the latest tech trend to hit headlines and attract investment, but proptech is about more than digital transformation. Technology can help put purpose, culture shift and customer experience at the heart of the property sector

Giving owners the keys to sustainability

New proptech can help property managers and tenants alike understand the sustainability of their buildings, but should the burden for eco-friendly homes really be passed to consumers?

How tech is streamlining the property sector

From poorly measured floor plans to overdue payments, innovative technology solutions are making property processes simpler than ever. Here are three examples