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Arguments for and against the robot jury

Debate for and against juries is raging, with some arguing the jury system is in need of an overhaul. But whether artificial intelligence will improve the system by acting as a more neutral decision-maker remains to be seen

The rise of the robot mediator

An app is helping to solve common legal and co-parenting issues, but it remains to be seen whether robo-mediators will become the norm

What is visual search?

Visual search technology is helping retailers improve customer experience and boost sales

The future of finance is fintech

‘Fintech, with its modernised approach to finance, was the necessary tool to restore public faith in financial organisations’

Five examples of outsourcing agility

Agile outsourcing provides businesses with the flexibility they need to grow and thrive, and allows key staff to concentrate on high-level tasks

Middle managers can make or break agility

Agility requires a different way of working and traditional hierarchies can often be a major challenge, so changing the power dynamic across an organisation is vital