Coronavirus ushers in a new age for contact centres

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Contact centres had to adapt rapidly to life in lockdown, but their insights could open up new opportunities for improving interaction and working remotely in the digital age

Securing the future of work

LogMeIn advertorial

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a growing number of organisations to consider a permanent shift to remote working, but doing so will also require a cultural change

Reimagining the workforce: How a powerful collaboration platform improves engagement

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With an intelligent, reliable and secure collaboration platform, which spans physical and digital environments, enterprises can empower employees and reap the benefits of remote working, says Vaughan Klein, director of collaboration, EMEA and Russia, at Cisco

Virtual assistants will power the future workforce

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In the digi-sphere, chatbots powered by artificial intelligence are everywhere

Science of sales and art of relationship-building

LinkedIn Sales solutions

Relationship-building has never been more important for sales teams in today’s socially distanced world. Technology and an empathetic approach each have their part to play

Q&A: Relationship-building: the secret to sales success

Becky Schnauffer

Becky Schnauffer, director of LinkedIn sales solutions UK and Ireland, shares insights into what it takes for salespeople to assume the role of trusted adviser to weather the storm with clients

Five steps to integrated sales performance

Sales levers

Bringing together SalesLevers’ five-step strategy can create sustained improvement in sales performance

Selling is hard… here’s how you can fix it

Selling is hard

Investing in a sales enablement platform equips salespeople with the right content and training to keep buyers engaged