Ethical investment comes of age

Ethical investment is becoming the chosen vehicle for investors who demand more than just financial growth from their money, says Emerald Knight

Stepping into the funding gap

Small and medium-sized enterprises cannot always afford to buy the goods they need to fulfil their customers’ orders, but all too often banks are not prepared to provide the necessary funding

Look north for your port of call

Customer expectations around the delivery of non-food items are forcing retailers to radically rethink their supply chains, with many now seeing the benefits of portcentric logistics served from a northern UK base, says Geoff Lippitt, business development director at PD Ports

Four steps to overseas expansion

As retail revenues plateau in Western markets there have been some notable successes for British companies and brands penetrating developing markets. While this is a popular means of reaching new growth targets and boosting returns in overall portfolios, choosing a developing market is more complex than looking through the traditional bricks-and-mortar lens to determine where [Read more]

A world of difference

Where in the world should far-sighted businesses look for customers in the next decade and beyond?

Holding on to the sales ‘rock stars’ who perform best

Malcolm Gladwell does a fine job of connecting social context with the rise of greatness. One of my favourite accounts describes how the allure of fame, partying and young German college girls catapulted an anonymous UK schoolboy rock band to polished success

Messy culture makes neat brands

Culture tells us about our identity, our relationships and our behaviour. It shapes what we need and want. Yet brands rarely bother to look into this cultural world, as Andy Dexter and Leanne Tomasevic at Truth Consulting explain

Making the most of intelligence: get mobile Business Discovery

Sean Farrington, UK managing director of QlikTech, tells how staff can be better equipped to deliver more on the move