Private content delivery networks are the future

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The ongoing growth of video consumed over the top (OTT) is straining existing content delivery networks (CDN) models, creating performance and profitability problems for the largest OTT operators. Private CDNs provide the solution

Managing the explosion in global video

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As video creation smashes all records, its efficient management is now essential

Hybrid media puts paid to past consumption models

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A hybrid of the best of broadcast and on-demand viewing is fulfilling customers’ expectations

Embracing agility to stay ahead of media disruption

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The shift from linear to on-demand viewing is fundamentally disrupting the media and entertainment ecosystem

Startup’s guide to successful acceleration in an innovation-obsessed world

Lighthouse Advisory

Les Elby, partner at Lighthouse Advisory Partners, shares top tips on M&A with startup entrepreneurs

Step inside the unicorn factory

Investing Stockholm

You may think Europe’s biggest producer of unicorn companies per capita is London or Berlin, but it is actually the much more modestly sized city of Stockholm. Known as the “unicorn factory”, the Swedish capital is attracting tech entrepreneurs in their droves

Capitalising on Cardiff’s tech boom

Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff offers a skilled workforce and funding for tech companies looking for like-minded innovators

Germany’s capital tech hub

Berlin Partner

Berlin is building a reputation as a global tech startup powerhouse