Shipping sets innovation agenda

With the shipping industry under huge pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), innovation holds the key to a solution, as well as realising opportunities for growth that lie in embracing digital and data tools to improve performance

Creating ports of the future

Shipping hubs will soon have much more efficient systems and a truly collaborative culture, with ports in the UK and Europe leading the way

Marine geospatial opportunity

When business strategists and governments look for opportunities, they do not often gaze out to sea. They should do. Because the scale of the opportunity in what is called the “blue economy” is compelling

Big data and blockchain will transform profitability of marine insurance

Marine insurance has lagged behind in terms of innovation, but big data and blockchain will push it to the forefront

A new dawn: driving innovation in capital markets

Ever since the 2008 financial crisis shook the global economy to its core, capital markets have been operating under much greater scrutiny

Joined-up thinking on regtech

Successive waves of financial regulation are imposing new reporting obligations on financial services firms. With regulatory compliance absorbing increasing resources, Compliance Solutions Strategies argues for a strategic rather than a tactical approach to meeting reporting obligations

Capturing the risk in communications technology

From the chief executive to the intern, the office of today is more productive than ever before thanks to new collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Facebook Workplace. But there are undeniable risks to communicating using these tools that, if not properly captured and monitored, can prove very costly

Game-changing technology is a British success story

A dynamic new platform technology is coming on stream to transform heart disease diagnosis and treatment to reduce the economic burden of cardiac care around the globe