Companies must prepare for ‘cyber cold war’

The burgeoning global trade war is set to trigger a series of cyber-espionage attempts between nation states, and enterprises are likely to be caught up in the crossfire. With current security approaches failing to prevent breaches, a paradigm shift is required

Re-establishing trust in an ultraconnected world

As cyberthreats continue to evolve at pace and nation state protectionism risks giving an advantage to hackers, Kaspersky Lab is pioneering a new set of standards and principles that champion trust, transparency and co-operation in the fight against criminals

Software leaves businesses open to hackers

The rise of open source software has provided a wealth of benefits for developers and businesses alike. But a lack of knowledge around how to write secure code, and use code from open source libraries securely, is causing enterprises to unwittingly allow hackers to compromise their systems

Boardrooms seek well-rounded approach to cybersecurity and privacy

With buy-in from the very top, organisations are merging security, risk and governance to form a holistic view of the threats they face and a broad solution to achieving protection

Closing down cyberattack pathways

In today’s interconnected business environment, guarding against cybersecurity threats is increasingly complex, with enterprises susceptible to months-long business interruption and millions in real costs. But new tech offers hope...

Let the Red Team protect you from black hat hackers

The days of static, reactive approaches to cybersecurity are over

Recording data for cyberdefence

By harvesting data from all over the digital landscape, an innovative company is providing firms with the intelligence to counter cybercrime

New digital dawn for UK manufacturing

Digitisation of manufacturing is key to unlocking future wealth for the UK economy