EU-wide expertise is essential post-Brexit

A pan-European approach can ensure intellectual property holders protect their rights post-Brexit

Disruptive tech calls for smart IP strategies

A robust approach to managing intellectual property ownership and risk is essential as disruptive technology and new business models are introduced

UK businesses must adapt to catch up with IP

UK companies accounted for just 3 per cent of patent applications in Europe last year. According to the European Patent Office, the UK files fewer patent applications per capita than Puerto Rico. A new approach is needed as Britain exits the EU, says Ilya Kazi, partner at intellectual property law firm Mathys & Squire

Digital transformation of maintenance

The asset management industry is teetering on the brink of full digital transformation, as organisations look to software to help reduce costs, improve productivity and boost sustainability

Work smart, work safe, work everywhere

How the digitisation of plants improves efficiency without compromising safety

The potential un-locker

Should current GP waiting times remain, the average Brit could waste 15 years of their life waiting to see a doctor – far too long to spend not getting better

Empowering self-care

The ability to understand our own health and make informed choices about maintaining and improving our health has never been greater

Moving the dial from illness to wellness worldwide…

We are living in a world where people expect access to premium healthcare and the best medical experts, when and where they require it – whether that’s at home or abroad