Delivering food for thought and happiness

Providing staff with tasty, nourishing food is not only good for employees’ wellbeing and engagement, it also feeds the bottom line

Rise of business hospitality

Despite the trend for workspaces that look like coffee shops, many businesses are demanding a return to more professional working environments. Landmark explains how it is harnessing the fundamentals of design and service to bring professional hospitality into the flexible workspace industry

Rethinking workspace to connect space and people

WeWork is no longer only for co-working and startups. As people increasingly demand flexibility and enterprises crave more simplicity and agility on a global scale, large companies are embracing shared-space solutions that enable them to grow faster

It’s the workplace, but smart

As organisations look to maximise employee engagement and productivity, building owners must move with the times, by making life as comfortable and frictionless as possible. Now, thanks to Smart Spaces, a new app from London-based D2 Interactive, developed in partnership with Great Portland Estates plc, workspaces can become more interconnected to allow businesses and their employees unprecedented control over their environment – and work-life

Tech fact, not tech friction

Work-enabling technology in convenient workspaces empowers employees to excel

Powering technology transformation with cultural agility

Jonathan Kennedy, the investments technology director behind Standard Life Aberdeen’s IT merger, talks transformation, technology, talent management and cultural complexity

Disrupt the digital challengers with transformation mindset

In a market crowded with digital innovation, agile transformation is crucial to retain the competitive edge, says Marcus Hall, principal consultant for DMW Group

CIOs’ struggle for true digital transformation

IT leaders have been given a new lease of life in the digital age, positioned as the agents of change and transformation, but many are struggling to achieve their visions