Art of winning: How aligning sales and marketing redefines the customer experience

Lack of sales and marketing alignment is wrecking buying experiences, says Nico Lutkins, senior marketing director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Solutions

SMBs lose £15,000 a month to poor sales processes

As new data reveals many inefficiencies in UK sales activity, it’s clear modern sales requires new efforts and the right technologies for your team

Businesses turn to outsourcing sales and marketing to increase revenue

As the needs of modern organisations continue to evolve, the decision to outsource sales and marketing functions continues to be widely debated. Every company has different needs that drive decisions on what stays in house and where they can use skilled outside talent

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Why a ‘destination village’ is the future workplace

The very best future workplaces will be those that create and foster a sense of community, purpose and connection with their surroundings. They will become destination villages, places people want to visit and call home, says Christopher Allen, head of workplace consulting at Morgan Lovell

Flexible working: an entrepreneur’s growth engine

Disruptive forces have transformed how we think about entire industries. Spotify with music. Uber and Lyft with transport. Netflix with television programmes and films. Tinder with dating. Technology has transformed the way that we think about things we used to take for granted

Putting technology to work in the service of people

There has never been a more exciting and important time in the world of work, says Jason Sutton, vice president UK and Ireland, ServiceNow