Benefits of digitalisation give F&B plenty to chew on

Fusion of low-cost sensors, robust communications networks and cloud computing has transformed a variety of sectors, from manufacturing to financial services. Now the food and beverage (F&B) industry is beginning to realise the benefits digitalisation can deliver, says Darcy Simonis, group vice president, food and beverage, ABB

Food processing ushers in Industry 4.0

Tight profit margins and increasingly demanding customers are driving the food and beverage industry to embrace the benefits of digitalisation

The divide is over: welcome to the age of choice

Cloud computing entered the market with great force over a decade ago and, although there has been significant adoption, there exists a cloud divide, says James Petter, vice president, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, at Pure Storage

Co-creation is crucial for cloud success

Leading technology providers are working together to help businesses navigate the complex and necessary journey to digital transformation

Data management: multiple clouds, one strategy

As more organisations adopt a hybrid cloud model, they need to ensure that they can manage their data across multiple locations

Multi-cloud infrastructure leads the next phase of IT

As complex IT environments increasingly prevent businesses from transforming and innovating at the pace they want, multi-cloud environments managed through a single interface are providing the simplicity and agility to succeed in the digital age

Don’t give up on cryptos and avoid bad habits with tech

The recent cryptocurrency bubble shows how wildly irrational behaviour continues to rule financial markets. But technology is emerging that can help traders avoid such illogical activity and the type of heavy losses it has caused for so many crypto trader

Asset tokenisation set to transform financial markets

Asset tokenisation, powered by blockchain technology, is set to disrupt financial markets through automation and digitisation. It could open up trillions of dollars of assets and capital previously locked down due to inefficiencies and high barriers of the capital markets