Energy sector is crying out for new technology

Energy is vital to our everyday lives and is the fuel which drives industry, whether a business is a multinational or emerging startup

Making the smart city of tomorrow a reality

Some 2 per cent of the world’s surface is occupied by cities, 50 per cent of the population live in this extremely small space and generate 80 per cent of global emissions

Redefining cities with connected and autonomous vehicles

The strategic deployment of autonomous vehicles is set to transform UK cities, bringing unprecedented benefits for citizens, but only if they are implemented in the right way

On a mission to illuminate London and connect the world

Illuminating London’s bridges is not only shedding light on energy efficiency, but also connecting people in the capital city and beyond

Time for CMOs to fulfil their destiny as thought leaders

Informed, insightful, credible thought leadership is one of the most powerful assets a business can possess. But there’s a problem – only a tiny proportion of current thought leadership meets these criteria, says Nico Lutkins, senior director of marketing at LinkedIn EMEA

Enabling a fully connected customer experience


The seemingly unstoppable rise of the omnichannel customer is having a profound impact on how companies approach marketing

Transformation gives CMOs new lease of life

While some chief marketing officers may be fearing obsolescence, others are taking the reins in bridging the digital and physical worlds, and leading crucial transformation efforts across their organisation

Why it’s time to kill the PDF

Content marketing is central to the modern marketer’s toolkit, but too many businesses are still relying on the clunky PDF to deliver their messages. Nick Mason, founder and chief executive of Turtl, explains why it’s time to finally ditch the downloads