Why the CFO is no longer just a number cruncher

CFO as value driver

Assumptions of chief financial officers are often outdated, and organisations that are repositioning them at the centre of the business are making enormous gains

Roundtable: modern approaches to risk

CFO roundtable

Four business leaders discuss what it’s like to manage risk in a digital-first environment and how chief financial officers steer their way through an ever-changing role

Building a case for employee ownership

Sydney opera house

It’s surprising that more businesses aren’t owned by employees, says Miriam Staley, Arup’s regional financial chief

Fighting CFO burnout


Brexit, big data and global business pressures are taking their toll on chief financial officers

Why deal-making keeps getting harder

M&A deal making

Identifying, valuing and integrating targets for mergers and acquisitions is becoming an increasingly complex process for finance leaders

How CFOs can drive business restructuring

CFO business restructuring

From rejigging supply chains to job cuts, strategic operational and financial changes are sometimes necessary to avoid crisis situations

Why so many finance automation projects stall

Progress is slowly being made in automating finance activities and processes, but common sticking points often stand in the way of companies achieving their true potential

How CFOs can make the most of business intelligence

Big data has meant chief financial officers are investing in smart software which can increase their effectiveness and standing with the board