Business risk is rising up the board’s agenda

Storm over city

No longer purely custodians of caution, the role of the chief risk officer is transforming to accommodate the demands of corporations and investors

A data-driven approach to asset management

Tractors parked

Asset management is being transformed by connected smart technology which, when embraced by the C-suite, can give a welcome boost to business

Transformer in chief: the newest member of the C-suite

Digital transformation of an organisation is increasingly being entrusted to a new member of the board

Engaging the C-suite with branded content

Unique study shows how branded content can sway decision-makers - but only if it’s great

Why Britain can’t produce a Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

For many years, we thought of our business leaders as being almost exclusively extroverted, but are we missing out on world-class leaders by ignoring introverts?

Fighting the fat cats

Illustration of Fat Cats and the excessive salaries they earn

Curbing excessive executive pay may mean fundamentally rethinking the UK’s orthodoxies of shareholder capitalism and austerity

Top-down strategy to bring in AI tech

Introduction of artificial intelligence will transform business, but must be championed by the C-suite to reassure staff and customers alike that it is an opportunity, not a threat

Where are the C-suite?

Do you know where the C-suite is consuming content? According to William Douglas, CMO of JLL EMEA, it’s not where you might expect – nor where they might admit – they’re spending time online