Achieving resilience in a world of uncertainty

Risk & Resilience advertorial

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed limitations in the ways companies approach resilience planning. Navigating the tricky path ahead will rely on an ability to adapt and evolve

Navigating risk in a complex world

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When the worst case occurs, organisations need to be able to weather the shocks to their business and keep critical systems and functions running without interruption

Delivering successful projects in the interconnected era

Nodes advertorial

Traditional risk management is failing in the age of the interconnected enterprise. Understanding the real risk exposure of projects requires a more intelligent approach

The future, but faster

MiQ advertorial

How coronavirus is changing advertising and why the changes are set to stick

Rise of cyber-resilience and how to achieve it

Greenbone advertorial

In an increasingly challenging threat landscape, organisations with a high level of cyber-resilience are able to mitigate the impacts of cyberattacks and thrive in the digital age

Virus highlights clear need for insurers to support policyholders

Fenchurch advertorial

Insurers have a vital opportunity to build reputations in the current crisis, but with a number refusing payment for apparently valid business interruption claims, policyholders are being left without support

Driving ambition in uncertain time

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As the global crisis forces social distancing in countries worldwide, C-suite executives have embraced new ways to maintain employee and client engagement. At the same time, they have developed new structures to support the workforce

Doing more with the same as regulation grows

Accuity advertorial

With regulation increasing, but compliance budgets static, companies need to reduce operational compliance overheads in a way that is explainable, effective and efficient