From ‘I’ to ‘we’: HR vows to embrace contingent workforce

Personal group

The coronavirus crisis is accelerating a shift in human resources mindset towards the collective “we”, as organisations better understand the universal impact of health and wellbeing

Employees want to talk; employers need to listen

Listening to employees

Adjusting to a new normal as the coronavirus pandemic plays out requires employers to listen to feedback from their employees

Rise of the freelancers: preparing UK businesses for the future


Freelancers offer agility and specialist expertise without long-term commitment. No wonder a majority of smaller businesses are increasingly using freelance workers since the coronavirus outbreak, says Liron Smadja, director of local marketing at Fiverr

Assuring connectivity in an age of uncertainty

A secure, dependable and predictable network, wherever people are working, is vital as organisations in the connectivity ecosystem navigate a new world

Unified communications crucial in coronavirus era

The coronavirus has been a monumental catalyst for change in the way we all work, as offices, warehouses and high streets remain empty across the country

Work from anywhere: How to help your workforce collaborate without compromise

Cisco advertorial

With Cisco’s Webex platform, your people can work seamlessly anytime, anywhere and on any device, says Jeff Boslem, regional director for cloud and hosted collaboration at Cisco. But can the same be said of your current provider?

Hybrid model of working fuelled by pandemic

After the pandemic subsides, organisations will finally embrace a truly hybrid model of remote and office working powered by a new trend; bring your own meeting (BYOM), says Lieven Bertier, segment director for workplace at Barco ClickShare

Q&A: Embracing our unique digital workplaces wherever they may be

Gavin Mee

Gavin Mee, vice president, Northern Europe, Middle East and Africa, at Adobe, shares advice and expertise on home working