Pensions: fifth global challenge

As custodians of the planet, there are five challenges we need to deal with urgently or we will face dire consequences for generations to come, says technology and financial services entrepreneur Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

How soil can help save the Earth

Cities cannot be truly sustainable unless they are “living” and connected to nature, says Dr Rachel Armstrong, who explores the relationship between compost and architecture

Appliance of UK science will aid agriculture

Challenges faced by the global agriculture sector provide opportunities for the UK’s knowledge economy, says MP George Freeman

‘EU vote is missed opportunity for greener farming’

Consumers deserve more than just food from a farming sector that receives billions in European Union subsidies, says Matthias Meissner of WWF

Mad men passed their sell-by date

To make it in advertising, you must embrace creativity and make tough choices, but success is within the grasp of a determined woman, says Lindsey Evans

Will Patent Box alter culture?

The jury is out on the impact of tax incentives incorporated in the government’s Patent Box. Patent attorney Ilya Kazi adjudicates

Tax reform set to boost R&D

As much as £280 million in research and development tax credits has been left unclaimed in the IT sector alone. New arrangements, which come into force next month, will act as a more direct incentive, says Alasdair Poore

Going green gets faster patents

Further acceleration of patent processing is set to help boost business growth, says government spokesman Lord Younger