‘Government must help exporters’

Terry Scuoler, chief executive of the manufacturers’ organisation EEF, is confident that UK manufacturers can help lead the country out of recession

Events are dead… long live events

Rory Sutherland argues that innovations, such as telepresence and videoconferencing, will increase – rather than decrease – the appetite for live events

Just how green is the Coalition?

What challenges does Britain need to overcome in order to implement the transition to a low-carbon economy? Will Straw, of the Institute for Public Policy Research, examines the Coalition Government’s record

Standing up for lighting up

Tobacco smoking aids conversation and stimulates creativity, claims Rory Sutherland, one of its most ardent fans. But now that it’s in decline, can e-cigarettes offer an alternative?

Opening up public and business data

Professor Nigel Shadbolt, government adviser and co-leader of the forthcoming Open Data Institute, explores the potential of open government data, and increased public and corporate transparency

Bacteria, active paints and aquariums

Dr Rachel Armstrong, senior lecturer at Greenwich University’s School of Architecture, Design and Construction, looks to a future of regenerating cities

‘Bourgeois liberal notion’ is myth

Skills Minister John Hayes outlines Government backing for apprenticeship schemes aimed at helping the UK economy to grow

UK leads the world with draconian law

Former Director of Public Prosecutions Lord Macdonald assesses anti-corruption legislation and the legal burden placed on British businesses