Bravery at the heart of new marketing leaders’ mission

Gemma Greaves, The Marketing Society

There’s a change in the air and everyone in marketing is talking about being brave

Agencies must match their creativity with data

digital agencies woman on street passing billboard

Media agencies are upping their game to offer brands a strategic package of creative copy, data and technology

Survey: tell us what you find annoying about branded content

What do you find most irritating about branded content

We want to know what you dislike most about content. Is it boring, too salesy or poorly designed? Have your say in the survey below

Why esports is attracting global brands (and what it has to do to get more)

Dota 2 esport event

Industry revenues tipped to reach $1 billion by 2020 - but needs to broaden appeal to women

11 ways to prepare for the holiday email marketing blitz

Christmas shopping on Oxford Street London

In the UK alone, Black Friday 2016 generated £1.23 billion in sales, find out how to make the most of the holiday season with 11 top email marketing tips

Is shock dental care advertising a good thing?

Dental advertising

Are shock tactics in advertising dental care products having a positive effect or do they scare more people off from visiting a dentist?

Hits and misses of retail marketing

Technology used for retail marketing

Physicist Niels Bohr said, “It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.” Retail is dogged with false dawns and dodgy concepts. Here are three of the most notorious turkeys, plus three promising ideas which are proving that sometimes it’s the sceptics who are wrong

Personalisation: don’t get too close because it’s creepy

The big screen at New York’s Times Square displaying live video of pedestrians as they walk by

There’s a fine line between skilful targeting of personalised ads and getting too close for comfort