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Which brands are taking 2023 by storm - and why?

Beloved by consumers and admired by competitors, the Apples and Samsungs of the world are often perceived as the pinnacle of strong brand perception. How are companies going toe-to-toe with best-in-class performers?

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Each year, PwC puts out a list of the Top 100 companies based on market capitalisation. The top slots are routinely filled with the usual suspects, with Apple ranking number one in 2023 - and 2022. Financial prowess is the name of the game. 

But, while money can do a lot of the talking, it doesn’t quite tell the full story. The FutureBrand Index (FBI) is an annual brand perception study that re-orders PwC’s Top 100 ranking based on the opinion of a global audience of informed professionals. The report sheds light on the shifts at play among the world’s biggest contenders for the elusive title of ‘most highly esteemed brand’. 

This year’s results show that, amid raging uncertainty, a new era of corporate purpose has begun - one in which winning companies must demonstrate what they stand for through clear actions that unquestionably impact everyday lives. So, is there more to performance than balance sheets and bottom lines?

In 2023, businesses, more than ever, are defined by their ability to deliver tangible impacts that align with a clear purpose. 

Read the full report at to find out what AI has to say about this year’s top risers, learn how to escape the ‘Purpose Void’, chart the revival of consumer-facing brands, and see the Top 100 ranking in full.