10 top legal disruptors

Judges in wigs

From next-generation law firms to chatbots and tech-powered legal advice, here are ten startups transforming legal services

Post mortem: why KWM collapsed

KWM collapsed

What lessons can be learnt from the failure of a global law firm whose motto was “The power of together”?

The digital shake up of law

Digital innovation in law

Law firms are finally embracing modernisation and preparing the next generation of lawyers for the digital age

What being ‘smart’ means for cities

smart cities illustration

Businesses and the wider community must embrace constant change and lifelong learning to benefit fully from intelligent and responsive digital cities

Latin America’s ‘first smart city’ arrives

Panama smart city

Globalising digital technology is transforming cities worldwide as Panama pioneers smart city tech and leads the way in Latin America

5 ways cloud is helping humanitarian efforts

Cloud humanitarian - malaria

From diagnosing Torres Strait Islanders to rebooting an entire country, here are five ways the cloud is helping humanitarian efforts around the world

Mega-companies make way for tech managers

Cloud computing has much to offer businesses of all sizes and take-up is accelerating with companies increasingly opting for a variety of providers

Cloud will transform aerospace, eventually

Aerospace cloud

It’s going to take a long time to turn the aircraft production industry around to embrace the efficiencies offered by cloud computing