AI ‘victims’ of sexism answer back

AI sexism

Does gender matter in artificial intelligence? Does the fact that most virtual assistants default to female characters reflect outdated social norms and prejudices? Do developers and brands need a gender agenda?

Chatbots can learn what you like

AI in business illustration

The next frontier for customer service is being driven by artificial intelligence so brands can target consumers with products based on their personal taste

Building machines to be more like us

Poster of the 1927 German sci-fi film Metropolis, which featured one of the first robots depicted in cinema

Artificial intelligence is at the tipping point of becoming emotionally sensitive, believably naturalistic and humanly imperfect

The real luxury experience begins with artificial intelligence

Volume AI on tablet

Artificial intelligence is empowering businesses to deliver lifelike interactions for five-star service

Global tech giants compete to be AI champion

IBM has been an early-mover in the cognitivecomputing market with Watson

Hollywood films depict fictional conflicts between artificially intelligent robots and the humans who created them, but a real AI fight is breaking out among some of the world’s largest companies

The rise of checkout-free shops and chatbot estate agents

AI in retail

Finance and law are often cited as the sectors leading adoption of artificial intelligence, but several others, notably retail, oil and gas, and real estate, are benefiting from the technology