Without workplace automation UK businesses will fail

Automation is liberating workers from monotonous drudgery, offering more engaging employment and companies a competitive edge

Using AI to gather customer insights

Voice-activated assistants such as Amazon’s Echo Alexa are collecting valuable data to generate deeper customer insights

Gathering and interpreting customer insights using artificial intelligence offers the market research industry a strategic change in direction

Should a computer be recognised as an inventor?

Toy robots

The question of whether a computer should be recognised as the creator of a patentable invention is vexing intellectual property lawyers

Making sure the machines don’t take over

German and Japanese leaders Angela Merkel and Shinzo Abe watch a robotic arm serving sushi at the CeBIT 2017 tech fair in March

Preparing economic players for the impact of artificial intelligence is a work in progress which requires careful handling

AI ‘victims’ of sexism answer back

AI sexism

Does gender matter in artificial intelligence? Does the fact that most virtual assistants default to female characters reflect outdated social norms and prejudices? Do developers and brands need a gender agenda?

Chatbots can learn what you like

AI in business illustration

The next frontier for customer service is being driven by artificial intelligence so brands can target consumers with products based on their personal taste

Building machines to be more like us

Poster of the 1927 German sci-fi film Metropolis, which featured one of the first robots depicted in cinema

Artificial intelligence is at the tipping point of becoming emotionally sensitive, believably naturalistic and humanly imperfect

The real luxury experience begins with artificial intelligence

Volume AI on tablet

Artificial intelligence is empowering businesses to deliver lifelike interactions for five-star service