Should you choose an independent media agency?

man writing on chalk wall while watched by rest of media agency

Recent success stories from smaller independents show competition has ramped up for the ad giants, but both sides are facing disruption in an evolving market

The future looks bright for the advertising industry

‘We will remain a destination for the best creative minds to come and transform global businesses’

How you can get the best out of adtech

director and crew looking at screen behind scenes of filming

Advertising agencies are under pressure to evolve to keep up with the exponential rise of adtech and marketing technologies

Great advertising requires more than just data

Tom Goodwin "great ads need more than data"

In the past few years, I have spent thousands on shoes, soft drinks, cars, TVs, flights and coffee. I’ve bought presents for people too. I’m sure that advertising has played a significant role in what I’ve bought

Is it time for the digital advertising industry to grow up?

Advertising billboards in new york city

Marketing chiefs suffering from channel fatigue are draining the digital swamp and demanding greater quality of advertising outlets

Brands are taking back control of digital advertising

digital advertising boards in new york city

Big brands are ripping up their advertising strategies as they wake up to widespread wrongdoing in the digital marketing industry

Is shock dental care advertising a good thing?

Dental advertising

Are shock tactics in advertising dental care products having a positive effect or do they scare more people off from visiting a dentist?

Brands name-calling and making cheeky claims

Virgin blimp displays the sign “BA can’t get it up!!” after the then British Airwayssponsored London Eye had a technical problem erecting the wheel

Taking on a rival business with aggressive comparative advertising is not for the faint hearted but certainly grabs attention