5 public finance options for businesses

Top 5 Finance Options

Raconteur reviews five top public finance options for British businesses

Exports make business stronger


As UK exports show worrying signs of a slowdown, the government is anxious for smaller businesses to venture overseas

Strengthening UK’s business backbone

John Cridland

The UK’s medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the economy: despite making up less than 2 per cent of all companies, they generate almost a quarter of private-sector GDP and employ one in every six people

Backing business with transparent transaction costs


Too many businesses are in the dark over bank debit and credit card transaction charges, says Annecto UK

Expert advice worth millions

£50 notes

Generous tax credits are available to UK businesses undertaking research and development programmes, but without help many companies are not seeing the full benefit. It’s time that changed

Transforming healthcare in the UK

Transforming healthcare in the UK

A new 21st-century model for the NHS is in the throes of a difficult birth as budget constraints and the demands of an ageing population take their toll

The hospital of the future

The hospital of the future

The prognosis for an ailing NHS looks grim unless hospitals – and patients – are given new life using digital technology to resuscitate 21st-century healthcare

Top 8 UK demonyms

Field Image

Brits are an eclectic bunch and there are a whole host of ways to name different people from different places