Horror Show: Brexit unleashes a political nightmare

Fuelled by anger and distrust against the political class, the UK's narrow vote to leave the European Union without any clear strategy or direction has left Westminster in an impossible position

Innovation: something to smile about

Innovation is a key driver of growth and essential if the UK is to remain competitive in the global economy

The breadline

After years of austerity, wide-ranging cuts to social safety nets and slow, uneven economic growth, many people in the UK find themselves with so little left over at the end of the month that they struggle to put food on the table. More than eight million people in Britain live in households that cannot always afford enough to eat, according to research from the Food Foundation.

Markets look to gambling odds to bet against Brexit

The polls show that the odds are 50-50 that the UK will vote to leave the EU on June 23, but after their disastrously inaccurate predictions for the general election, markets are looking for more accurate forecasts

Why Britain can still call itself great

Britain as a brand is difficult to assess, yet it is clear the “Made in Britain” label carries a cachet and value worth celebrating

Crafting timeless British luxury

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21 Brits changing the world

From starring on YouTube to discovering the elemental source of matter in the universe, Brits are at the top. Here are Raconteur’s 21 most influential British men and women, each with an extraordinary power to shape minds and lives around the globe

Why British films move world audiences

Defining what makes a film British is tricky, but from Bond to The King’s Speech to The Inbetweeners, ours is an industry that still punches above its weight worldwide