Necessity is the mother of transformation

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We are on the cusp of the next revolution in the working world

Why brands must own the truth

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Wendi Sturgis, European chief executive of search experience cloud company Yext, explains why chief marketing officers have a responsibility to invest in search, now more than ever

Building deeper connections

People increasingly want to interact with brands that are meaningful to them. Paul Campillo, director of brand and communications at Typeform, explores how companies can build and deliver deeper relationships with their customers

Navigating through the point of diminishing returns

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Marketers are famous for piling on to high-performing channels. But when they become saturated and competition increases, a channel’s performance declines and diminishing returns are inevitable

All-weather marketing: How advertising can help weather the storm

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As many marketers take the hard decision to cut advertising spending, research from previous downturns shows this is a time when they can grow their brand for the future, says Tom Pepper, head of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, UK, Ireland and Israel

CMOs shift to social first for post-pandemic era

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The coronavirus outbreak has led companies to operate in a very different, advanced digital world. Prioritisation and smart use of social media will be essential in the aftermath of the pandemic

Climate change: the crisis that could be bigger than any disease

Risk roundtable

How will the coronavirus crisis change the way businesses think about the risks of climate change? Seven experts ponder this and other pressing questions in a Raconteur virtual roundtable

Brands hold the key to a fast rebound from COVID-19

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Businesses have long overlooked the value of brands and broader intangible assets, even though understanding their value could ensure survival and future growth