How fintech could future-proof pension funds

Despite some successful take-up, pension funds must invest more in financial technology to engage savers and help them understand their investments

How UK pension schemes are limiting risky investments

Companies are increasingly seeking to take the risk of their pension fund off the balance sheet by doing a derisking deal

Funding business growth using your pension, great idea or barking mad?

Workplace pensions cover - crop

The concept of pensions providing financial support to SMEs is not new or in dispute, but is the prospect of a business owner investing their own pension to support growth too high a risk?

Pension funds take more control with private investments

Alibaba investments

Rather than investing via private equity, some of the biggest pension funds are finding an advantage in going direct

Resolving the UK’s retirement conundrum

Lady researching retirement

Ensuring people save enough for a comfortable retirement is a taxing problem which continues to vex government, employers, employees and the self-employed

Is the Lifetime ISA a threat to the pensions plan?

Workplace pensions illustration

A new savings vehicle, the Lifetime ISA could, unwittingly or otherwise, undermine the success so far of pension auto-enrolment

Can we learn lessons from BHS scandal?

BHS pension crisis

The collapse of BHS has prompted pension trustees, companies and regulators to ask how defined benefit schemes can be protected

‘The pensions industry will be unrecognisable in ten years’ time’

BY STUART BREYER, chief executive of mallow Street

Imagine having full control and visibility on where your savings are at any point in time. Imagine being able to test scenario changes and to see the expected impact on your savings. Imagine feeling like you have control over your savings outcome. This is where it feels we are headed