It’s all about the data, dummy

Businesses must secure the key to encrypted data passed to a third-party cloud provider, says Paul Simmonds, chief executive of the Global Identity Foundation

Waste is no longer just a rubbish industry

Recycling waste into valuable raw material is transforming the industry’s outlook, as Mike Scott reports

Moving to the UK?

The question of your tax residence is of vital importance to your UK tax position, especially if you live abroad and are thinking of spending any time in the UK. If you are UK tax-resident, you pay UK income and capital gains tax on all your worldwide income and gains, whereas a non-resident is outside the scope of UK income tax and capital gains tax

Voices from whitehall

As automatic enrolment has drawn more people into saving for their retirement, concerns have surfaced about the regulatory environment of workplace pensions. Simon Brooke reports

Don’t spoil your prospects

Companies need to tread a careful path through public sensitivity around the analysis and use of consumer data, warns James Dean

Making EU payments faster

A new European payments system levies fresh demands on UK businesses, but promises to pay dividends, as Christian Doherty reports

Taking care of big ideas looks after the bottom line

Protecting innovation to enable a full return on investment is a matter of commercial necessity and professional pride, writes James Dean

‘Change is coming, so make it work’

The regulation of payment systems is undergoing major change in the UK. In late-March the government published a consultation paper, Opening up UK payments, which proposed replacing the industry-run Payments Council with a “competition-focused, utility-style regulator”. Now the industry is scrambling to adapt to – and benefit from – the new regulatory landscape. With UK payments poised between the old and new worlds, five experts discuss the potential pitfalls and the prizes to be won. Daniel Hinge poses the questions