Bright future for UK fintech


The UK can lay claim to being the world leader in the financial technology sector as investment and business opportunities flood into the capital

Shaken finance is at last stirring

Shaken finance is at last stirring

New entrants are shaking up the online financial sector with better deals and innovative services, but banks are beginning to fight back

The cost of being hacked

Cost of being hacked

Cyber security is no longer a mere matter of compliance and is now one of the primary business imperatives that financial services firms must address

Systems to satisfy regulators

Systems to satisfy regulators

Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in regulatory compliance among financial services firms

Fraudsters target financial services

Most fraud is committed within the financial services sector, causing significant loss of revenues, reputation and customer confidence, writes Chris Johnston

Keep your money safe

Chris Skinner

It is not only the banks job to fight fraud, it’s yours too, says Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial Services Club

Blending new and old

Financial institutions need to support traditional payment mechanisms while moving to embrace new digital channels demanded by customers – having the right technology in place is essential

Global real-time payments

The UK’s Faster Payments Service and Sinapore’s FAST are the blueprints for worldwide adoption of real-time payments, says Marc Terry, managing director, commercial services at VocaLink