Systems to satisfy regulators

Systems to satisfy regulators

Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in regulatory compliance among financial services firms

Fraudsters target financial services

Most fraud is committed within the financial services sector, causing significant loss of revenues, reputation and customer confidence, writes Chris Johnston

Keep your money safe

Chris Skinner

It is not only the banks job to fight fraud, it’s yours too, says Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial Services Club

Blending new and old

Financial institutions need to support traditional payment mechanisms while moving to embrace new digital channels demanded by customers – having the right technology in place is essential

Global real-time payments

The UK’s Faster Payments Service and Sinapore’s FAST are the blueprints for worldwide adoption of real-time payments, says Marc Terry, managing director, commercial services at VocaLink

Get help with the regulator

The financial services and other highly regulated sectors are coming under increased scrutiny, both from regulators and the wider public, says QuisLex

Obsolete technology drives change

Computer hardware failure, which last Sunday shut down some cash machines and blocked debit cards, was the latest technical glitch to hit the high street – evidence that the financial services industry must throw off the legacy of outdated technology and modernise, writes Pádraig Floyd

Gnomes still giants in banking world

Despite the financial crash and tougher regulation targeting tax havens, Swiss bankers believe quality service will keep their industry strong, writes Haig Simonian