Automation and public sector jobs

Automating some public sector jobs may be inevitable, but it presents opportunities to rethink priorities and create new roles

Embracing the reality of digital transformation

A bold strategy is just the starting point. An expert panel debates how to make digital transformation happen, from winning boardroom buy-in to preparing employees to work shoulder-to-shoulder with AI

Great advertising requires more than just data

Tom Goodwin "great ads need more than data"

In the past few years, I have spent thousands on shoes, soft drinks, cars, TVs, flights and coffee. I’ve bought presents for people too. I’m sure that advertising has played a significant role in what I’ve bought

Is it time for the digital advertising industry to grow up?

Advertising billboards in new york city

Marketing chiefs suffering from channel fatigue are draining the digital swamp and demanding greater quality of advertising outlets

Brands are taking back control of digital advertising

digital advertising boards in new york city

Big brands are ripping up their advertising strategies as they wake up to widespread wrongdoing in the digital marketing industry

Agencies must match their creativity with data

digital agencies woman on street passing billboard

Media agencies are upping their game to offer brands a strategic package of creative copy, data and technology

Insurance is playing catch-up with technology

People at meeting in coworking space

The insurance industry stands accused of being slow to adopt digital technologies which will introduce innovative new products for customers

F1 embarks on fan-first digital push

Liberty Media sees long-term value in creating a bigger audience for the sport