Corporate donors need to start giving smarter

corporate donors graphic

Interest among companies in niche charities is growing – and it’s creating some exciting partnerships

Getting staff behind supporting a niche charity

How can business leaders encourage staff buy-in for a charity that is focused on a less well-known or initially unappealing cause?

Pros and cons of corporate egg freezing

Egg freezing

Two thought leaders debate the pros and cons of corporate intervention in women’s fertility through a “freeze your eggs” benefit scheme

No transformation without a change in culture

The best strategy in the world is doomed to fail unless leaders create an environment and shape the culture in which it can succeed

‘Listening boss’ can motivate and win loyalty

Energising and engaging key staff is more important than ever as incomes begin to rise, and employers need to give something extra to retain high-flyers

Looming talent crisis

Research shows companies are unprepared for future of work

7 doesn’t have to be lucky

Want to turn your rabble of yawning shirkers into an elite squad of motivated over-performers? Then try these seven simple tips, each drawn from exceptional corporate environments by Charles Orton-Jones