Mobilising crossrail military style

The former Army brigadier in charge of engineering the capital’s Crossrail project gives Raymond Snoddy a progress report

Big savings from love of lifecycle

The merits of a collaborative approach to developing products, concern for a product’s total lifecycle and the benefits of customer feedback, have pushed product lifecycle management into new sectors of mainstream business, as Will Stirling reports

Conquering world of product data

The sheer volume of data – production of a car involves more than100 million lines of computer code – is driving businesses across sectors towards a system of managing product lifecycle, as Leo King discovers

Salvaging The Senedd and a voice for Wales

After a stuttering start, the building to house the representatives of devolved political power in Wales won loud accolades, as Dan Matthews reports

Finding harmony is about more than going green

Such are the pressures on the planet, sustainability must now be incorporated into project management, as Amy Hatton discovers