Building on a new image

Before the turn of the century, building sites all looked the same – dirty, noisy, even dangerous places that upset local residents and the builders didn’t particularly care. Then along came the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which somehow managed to convince the industry that it pays to care

Tale of three sectors

Three sectors

Raconteur takes a look at three very different sectors and the particular challenges they face

Megaprojects Revolution


It’s the stuff that makes the country work, creates employment and promotes growth; without renewed infrastructure Britain would gradually grind to a halt, writes Jim McClelland

6 new technologies cutting carbon footprint

Ingenious new technologies are helping to cut carbon footprint, as Jim McClelland discovers

AT&T M2M technology

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is transforming the way we live – and the way we do business

The future is unbuilt

Construction may be booming, but the industry must rebuild itself to face a challenging future, writes Jim McClelland

Recruiting a diverse work force

The traditional image of the building site needs to change with the times and a skilled workforce recruited from unexpected places, writes Mark Smulian

5 materials reshaping construction

From 3D printing to toothbrushes, innovative and sometimes offbeat building materials are changing the face of construction. Stephen Cousins has Raconteur’s top five