Modular homes are the future of UK housing

modular homes wall

To meet the demands of modern construction, it’s time for the business to unilaterally embrace design for manufacture

Servitisation in construction

Adding value at every stage of the customer journey with servitisation of the construction industry

The rise of the mega HQ

Apple's mega HQ in Cupertino

When you’re a big enough company to define an industry, how do you build an HQ of similarly impressive stature?

Five technologies changing construction

Technology is changing every industry, but what are the top technologies accelerating construction?

How sustainability can build value in construction

builder working on roof sustaibility

Reconciling best-value procurement and sustainability should not be a problem as the two represent a win-win

Five lessons we can learn from the collapse of Carillion

The collapse of construction and support services giant Carillion has rung alarm bells, but there are lessons to be learnt

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop debuts an open source approach to megaprojects

Artist͛s impression of Hardt Hyperloop high-speed transport moving across fields at high speed

A new approach to a system that has seen "no productivity increases in 50 years"

Will Brexit shake UK construction?

Construction of the new £1.4-billion, 1.7-mile bridge over the Firth of Forth, South Queensferry

Opinion is divided on whether Brexit will undermine mega construction projects in the UK, with some experts warning of troubled times ahead