How AI will change buyer behaviour

Searching for products online by text could be supplanted by image search, according to experts

Websites powered by artificial intelligence are set to transform buying behaviour and increase spending as consumers rely more on smart digital shop assistants

The rapid rise of robots replacing workers

Person using Uber app

History may teach us not to stand in the way of technological advances revolutionising the future of work, but the lesson to be learnt is progress should benefit the workforce

5 ways AI personal assistants will change work

Personal assistants at work

Already they are beginning to take the drudgery out of office admin – now virtual personal assistants are set to get even smarter

The rise of AI translators

Young woman wearing pilot earplug translator

Language is no longer a barrier to international trade and working across borders as high-tech translators speak and listen in many tongues

The business benefits of AI

Brains within light bulb illustration

Graduating from gimmicks on TV game shows and playing board games, artificial intelligence engines are now looking for jobs in business