Implementing successful AI: think big, start small and scale fast

view of skyscrapers from below

Artificial intelligence is a smart software tool with seemingly unlimited potential, but many organisations need to devise a holistic AI strategy

Teaching AI in schools could equip students for the future

artificial intelligence, education, robots

Exploiting artificial intelligence within schools and teaching students how it is used in the workplace can help close the UK’s digital skills gap

Are emotionally intelligent bots the future of AI?

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Developing chatbots with emotional intelligence is a breakthrough area which has great potential in sectors such as healthcare

NLG: technology that gives machines a voice

digital assistant plugged in on a dark surface next to cordless headphones

Ever wondered how a virtual assistant, such as Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, responds when asked a question? The answer is with natural language generation

AI will transform UK business - but it’s not there yet

In 2018, artificial intelligence has become central to the corporate agenda

The ethics of AI: how to hold machines accountable

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As machines become ever-smarter and make life-changing decisions, how do we ensure they behave ethically?

How open-source computing is making AI affordable

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Artificial intelligence and machine-learning have become commercially significant in the age of open-source software and affordable cloud computing

How AI can help meet global energy demand

Artificial intelligence is set to help manage power generation and is already cutting consumers’ electricity bills