Taking care of what’s yours

Ownership of intellectual property has transformed most, if not all, aspects of life. Brid-Aine Parnell focuses on six of the best

Insight, action and a business edge

Big data and analytics are far too important to be left to data scientists and quantitative analysts. Business leaders need to get involved too, writes Jessica Twentyman

Mad men passed their sell-by date

To make it in advertising, you must embrace creativity and make tough choices, but success is within the grasp of a determined woman, says Lindsey Evans

Austerity is changing our values and priorities

Tightened household budgets has prompted a rethink among consumers, and altered the way they react to retailers and brands, as Jane Simms discovers

‘Almost as good as sex’ but underperforming?

Advertising executive Al Young sees greater potential in the electronic cigarette market and offers some possible campaign slogans

Taking hold of the market by grasping mobile

The fast-moving mobile market is the smart direction to go, but getting to grips with business on the move can be challenging, writes Stephen Armstrong

Mobile is driven by consumers

Some major brands are playing catch-up with mobile marketing, realising the growing importance of sales via smartphones, as Jason Hesse discovers

Pictures make time stand still

At a time when the use of long exposures was the norm, inanimate and motionless objects made especially suitable subjects, writes Miranda Gavin