How 3D printing is reshaping global production

As dark clouds gather over the global economy, manufacturers find themselves in the crosshairs

How additive manufacturing can add value

Big corporations and small startups can benefit from incorporating 3D printing into their manufacturing process, regardless of scale

How 3D printing is transforming healthcare

Tilly Lockey, who lost both hands to meningitis as a baby, with her a custom-built 3D printed prosthetic

Technological advances look set to make 3D printing the most rapidly evolving technology in medical research, with the potential to transform healthcare

Supply chains are looking better in 3D

3D printing product development

It is proving a useful tool in enabling companies from multiple sectors to revolutionise their supply chains and 3D printing can also achieve significant cost-savings

Third dimension adds to manufacturing

Russian rm Apis Cor is able to print a 400sq-ft concrete house in just 24 hours with no wastage

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How 3D printing could revolutionise medicine

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Shaping the future of design with industrial 3D printing

Formula 1 and the aerospace industry are blazing a trail using industrial 3D printing to create innovative engineering parts

Top technologies changing how we shop

Technical innovation has created opportunities for retailers and customers as the way goods and services are bought and sold is in constant flux