Report published in The Times investigating equality covering racial, gender and disability discrimination, and how and why diversity is key to business success

Despite the abundance of research linking stronger profits with organisations that embrace diversity, the majority of sectors have been criticised for not being diverse enough. For instance, just 23 per cent of judges in England and Wales are female. On top of this, Brexit is likely to make things worse. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development recently revealed that 57 per cent of employers are concerned leaving the EU will significantly weaken their ability to retain talent.
This Special Report investigates diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and how businesses can help foster inclusion and level the playing field. The report covers:

  • How to build a diverse workforce
  • Brexit – why inclusive policies are now essential
  • Bridging gender inequality through "returnships"
  • The importance of being yourself in life and at work
  • Closing the disability employment gap
  • Supporting social mobility
  • Using unconscious bias training to uncover discrimination