Adapting to disruption in the legal landscape

Despite increasing numbers, lawyers in the UK face uncertain times as legal aid and fees are squeezed, and alternative firms owned by non-lawyers provide competition

Take care of valuable company secrets

Companies should draw up a comprehensive and robust strategy to protect the intellectual property of valuable design and manufacturing secrets

Protecting your brand from copycats

Building a brand and protecting intellectual property by registering trademarks may be a legal rollercoaster ride

Getting more bang for your legal buck

Law firms recovering from fee rate squeezes of the Great Recession are under increasing pressure to add value to their clients’ business

Keeping the value of creation in mind

Intellectual property is now the most valuable asset that many businesses have and must be protected in law against potentially ruinous incursions

The new role of the CIPO

With varying degrees of take-up, boards are beginning to appoint a director who has specific responsibility for intellectual property

Tech is driving force of legal shake-up

echnology is driving force of legal evolution

A seismic shake-up of the legal profession is altering the very structure of the traditional law practice

Law is going mobile

Mobile technology and lawyers

The legal profession is largely adopting mobile technology, but problems remain for lawyers on the move