An interview with an ethical hacker

Jamie Woodruff ethical hacker presenting at an event

Jamie Woodruff is an ethical hacker who helps companies keep out cyber criminals trying to break into computers to steal their money and secrets

Lord Browne: The importance of being yourself in life and work

john browne baron of madingley

John Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley, best known as the former chief executive of BP, saw his career with the energy giant end in 2007 when he was outed by a tabloid newspaper as gay – his third book, The Glass Closet, carries the subtitle 'Why Coming Out Is Good Business'

Virtual reality boosts students’ results

Virtual and augmented reality can enable teaching and training in situations which would otherwise be too hazardous, costly or even impossible in the real world

‘Our machines won’t destroy the world’ says Naveen Rao

For anyone trying to understand the past, present and future of artificial intelligence or AI, taking a look at Naveen Rao’s career would be a good place to start

Serving up a fresh new delivery of ideas

Supply chain supremo Roger Hassan opens the lid on HelloFresh and the success of the food box company that delivers fine dining to customers’ doors

The team effort behind Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

Star project manager Paul Mitchell at engineering consultants Arcadis tells how he netted success building Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

Meet the top 20 hottest payment companies

illustration of top payment companies

Payment companies are proliferating, but some stand out from the crowd. Here are 20 of the best, from Google Wallet and Apple Pay, to Snapchat

Effective leaders inspire with stories

Leaders who can tell the story of an enterprise and communicate how employees working together make a difference will succeed in engaging their staff