Why you should be focussing on “teamship”

Companies may focus on performancebased individual development for their staff, but agile structures require more teamwork. So why is “teamship” training not a key part of every organisation’s programme?

How XR is powering the fourth industrial revolution

Coupled with data from the internet of things, extended reality is changing the way people work and driving industrial innovation

Diabetes education needs to improve, and fast

Better advice to people with diabetes could avoid serious medical complications, premature deaths and unsustainable costs to the NHS

Workers must be trained for a new future

Manufacturing worker

A fourth industrial revolution, featuring automation and data exchange, is set to transform industry, but requires new skills and training for the UK workforce

Combat the skills crisis with lifelong learning

Lifelong learning skills

A shift in attitude from having a job for life to continuous learning in work can keep the UK workforce relevant and as agile as the changing marketplace

Unconscious bias training uncovers discrimination

People waiting for a job interview

Major employers such as Google, Lloyds Bank and the BBC are increasingly adopting unconscious bias training to help raise awareness of possible hidden discrimination

Changing age profile calls for a new approach to work

As more people work into old age and younger employees seek greater employment flexibility, employers must adopt new work patterns and conditions for the changing demographics

Training gains a virtual reality makeover

The ability to recreate real-life training environments in virtual reality is no longer a science-fiction setting on the Star Trek Holodeck – it’s happening