Smart grids need smart rules and smart markets

The technological possibilities of new electricity infrastructure are vast, but their potential will only be realised if the right regulations are in place to encourage a pan-European energy market, writes Sarah Murray

Trust: the energy industry at a crossroads…

Recent years have witnessed a consistent decline in the levels of trust between the public and the large corporations that serve them, says Richard Postance, power and utilities advisory leader at Ernst & Young

Doing the right thing can be profitable

Discontent is on the rise among Western banking customers faced with abuses such as Libor rigging, mis-selling of financial products, hidden trading losses and sloppy anti-money laundering, writes Paul McNamara

Global rise of Islamic finance

The Islamic finance industry is expanding beyond its core markets in the Middle East and Malaysia. Shaheen Pasha examines the trends and potential hot spots

Comparing standards is an interesting problem

Lack of standardisation in financial reporting, legal frameworks and Sharia supervision are all commonly blamed for stifling the growth of Islamic banking. Yet it is precisely the industry’s fast acceleration and increasing interconnectivity that has drawn attention to these discrepancies, writes Dan Alderson

Pursuit of excellence must sweep away conflict of interest

In a climate of increasing financial scrutiny, governance of Islamic finance faces a difficult challenge to ensure its transparency and compliance with ethical principles, as Omar Shaikh reports

State protectionism risks companies pulling out capital

There is tension between developing nation states, keen to protect natural resources from over-exploitation, and mining giants, aiming to return a healthy profit on heavy investment, as James Dean discovers

Vulnerable big miners must safeguard the environment

Sustainability for mining companies means access to new resources, but host governments and communities have other environmental priorities, as Martin Beaver reports