What marketers can learn from Comic-Con

The joker at Comic-con

Seven hot tips from the world’s leading entertainment and comic convention could get your business events, trade shows and conferences buzzing like Wonder Woman body-slamming the Green Goblin

Emerging event destinations

emerging events destinations

Break out of your destination comfort zone and tap into the many benefits of organising events in some of the key emerging nations

Top business event destinations

People cycling in Amsterdam

Destinations are an important lure which can boost business events if delegates can experience more than a conference venue

How to use engagement data from events

Photo of an exhibition

Data is gold if you can get to its real value in the details gathered at events increasingly with the help of innovative technology

Brand ‘buy-in’ means bigger company profits

Professionals in the office

Engaging employees with brand identity will pay off in better products and services for customers, as well as improved staff morale, and show in the company’s bottom line

How AI will change buyer behaviour

Searching for products online by text could be supplanted by image search, according to experts

Websites powered by artificial intelligence are set to transform buying behaviour and increase spending as consumers rely more on smart digital shop assistants

What marketers need to know about video in 2017

James Corden carpool karaoke

It’s tipped by some as the future of communications and marketing, yet the success of video may depend on whether it suits the smartphone’s small screen

What businesses can learn from Trump

Trump campaign rally

With Western politics left reeling from its second major disruption of 2016, it’s time to consider what these signals of change mean for businesses