Why marketing needs to reflect a modern and diverse UK

Maltesers’ Look on the light side adverts, created by AMV BBDO in collaboration with Scope, starred actors with a range of disabilities

For marketing and advertising to be effective, it should reflect its audience or people will not buy in

Art and science of marketing Microsoft

Scott Allen, marketing boss at Microsoft UK

Scott Allen, marketing boss at Microsoft UK, tells of his longevity in a demanding business and discloses secrets of his success

Marketers: the future CEOs?

01 Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis was previously a marketer and general manager at Unileve

Increasingly, marketers with transferable skills are making it to the top of the corporate ladder

Marketing to confuse the competition

Marketers, unlike colleagues in other parts of a business, may need to abandon obvious “best practice” to beat competitors

‘Set against the tectonic changes in our industry’s currency, we need to recognise the humanity in everything we do’

BY GEMMA GREAVES, chief executive of The Marketing Society

If I had to strip marketing down to one thing, and one thing alone, I would say it was all about people

Using social media to understand your customers

The Insight Economy illustration

Media is mostly planned around demographic profiles, but adding qualitative and quantitative research to test hypotheses uncovered on social platforms is an exciting development

Who’s the most magnificent marketer?

CMO campaign

Raconteur is searching for the top seven senior marketers in the UK...