Corporate salesperson: a CFO’s role in the M&A process

Chief financial officers are increasingly taking a high-profile role as dealmaker and salesperson during mergers and acquisitions

Poor IT integration leads to M&A failures

Successful integration of IT systems can make or break mergers and acquisitions, no matter how good the business prospects

Avoiding culture clash in mergers and acquisitions

Resolving cultural issues within organisations is an essential part of any successful merger or acquisition

M&A between rivals: how much should you disclose?

Merger or takeover talks with a direct competitor need careful handling, but if conducted correctly can have a happy ending

M&A grows as UK economy recovers

M&A grows as UK economy recovers

As the UK economy continues to recover from the financial crash and companies position themselves for growth, mergers and acquisitions are on the rise, writes Rebecca Brace

Quality not quantity for M&A

Worldwide M_A focus - crop

High-value global deals are leading the way in a mergers and acquisitions drive powered by cash-rich corporates, writes Sally Percy

Start small to get big

Paul Winter

Paul Winter, past president of the Management Consultancies Association, and now an MCA board member and partner at Concerto Partners, offers advice on how to deal with mergers and acquisitions

Five most active M&A sectors

Business-illustration FINAL

Rob Langston looks at the five most active sectors involved in mergers and acquisitions over the past year - from financial services to real estate