Are you insured against the right risks?

Insurance can be a minefield through which businesses tiptoe unaided at their peril, but help is at hand

Don’t overlook your intangible assets

Business assets, such as key personnel and brand value, along with damage from cyber attacks, are difficult to quantify – and are strikingly underinsured by risk managers

Beware the pitfalls of underinsurance

With many smaller businesses struggling to recover from the recession, keeping insurance cover to a minimum has been a way of cutting costs which could, however, prove disastrous

Turning gadgets into must haves

From sleep-forecasters on babies to invisibility cloaks for battlefield warriors, Charles Orton-Jones has the technologies changing three big-money industries

Protect your company from complacency

With fraud on the increase, a commercial crime insurance policy can mitigate the consequences of a security breach

Insurance Protection

Pension trustees and sponsoring employers should be adequately insured against possible claims, says OPDU’s Jonathan Bull

Reducing risk in a risky business

Exporting doesn’t have to be such a risky business if you do your homework, stick to the rules and invest wisely, as James Dean reports

The reassurance of insurance

Insuring against the risks of exporting to uncertain emerging markets can give companies the confidence to go for overseas growth, says Swiss Re Corporate Solutions