5 ways insurance is breaking with tradition

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Insurance is an industry steeped in tradition and breaking free from long-established practices has proved a sometimes painful process

Brazil: the new insurance giant

Heavy traffic in a street in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil’s insurance market is open for business in a country ready to capitalise on new technology and sophisticated business models

Getting more out of telematics

Telematics has changed car insurance, but by collating better data insurers can do so much more to improve relationships with their customers

‘The most important standard is to start with the customer and their needs’

Sian Fisher

In this fast-evolving world, insurance key players have had to get with the times to innovate effectively and efficiently and keep up with the ever-developing demands of the consumer

Insurtech: data access and choice comes of age

The insurance industry is finally beginning to exploit new technology, but only years after consumers started searching for the best deals online and using apps. It comes at a time of disruption when premiums are under siege, and insurance firms need to become more efficient and lower costs

Innovation in insurance: the coming wave of disruptive insurtech

The modern insurance industry has more than 300 years’ experience safeguarding others against potential risks and economic loss, but can it protect itself from the biggest onslaught against it to date?

Emerging risk can finally be measured

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Businesses have always relied on a careful study of information to attempt to predict emerging risks, but the application of big data analytics enables them to understand future dangers scientifically