Why the patents system needs a revamp

Lack of a universal patent system to protect intellectual property leaves innovating companies open to potentially ruinous infringements

EU ruling on gene-edited foods is holding us back

Gene-edited food has the potential to feed the world’s hungry, but may be blocked in the European Union

Including general counsel could prevent scandal

Danske Bank of Denmark announced last month that more than €200 billion in laundered, illegal money had passed through its Estonia branch’s coffers

The world’s most exciting legal tech hubs

While America is widely regarded as the home of pioneering legal technology, innovative law firms, practitioners and startups are proliferating around the world

Flying high in Europe despite Brexit vote

Europe’s aero industries have been working collaboratively to tackle the environmental impact of aviation with much success, but will the UK’s decision to fly solo cloud the skyscape?

State of emergency

Image depicting surveillance and a state of emergency

So-called ‘lone wolf’ terror attacks across Europe have prompted calls for more surveillance and security, but radicalisation is hard to predict, and even harder to prevent

In, out, shaking it all about

Successive governments struggled to make EU membership compatible with their desires for sovereignty, but despite its often lukewarm commitment to Europe, Britain has been able to wield considerable influence in Brussels

EU signs one-in, one-out refugee return deal with Turkey

With 45,000 migrants stranded in Greece, the European Union has signed a one-in, one-out deal to return refugees to Turkey, but critics say it is motivated by political expedience, not humanitarian concern